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ATMeye.iQ - ATM security of the 21st century

ATMeye.iQ is an all in one ATM security, dispute handling and anti-fraud solution developed by BS/2, a software ATM security company, for banks and financial institutions. BS/2, part of the Penki Kontinentai Group has been a distributor for Diebold Nixdorf in 13 countries for over 25 years.

BS/2 complies with strict financial industry regulations such as ISO-27001, ISO-20000, and ITIL V3.

ATMeye.iQ - ATM security of the 21st century

Why is ATM protection essential?

Since 1967, when the first ATM was installed, these devices have changed significantly. Modern ATMs are not only used to accept and dispense banknotes but are full-featured mini-offices of banks: they allow exchanging currency, obtaining loans, and making deposits without visiting banks.

Moreover, as technology develops, the methods of ATM fraud are also improving. According to ATMIA, cyber-attacks are primarily aimed at obtaining data from bank cards. Financial institutions use specialized software to protect ATMs. Modern solutions make it easier to resolve disputes and monitor ATMs, getting photos and videos in real-time.

Leading secure ATM solution

Leading secure ATM solution

ATMeye.iQ is an ATM software designed to ease the work of ATM security services. Easily secure your ATM network with real time video analysis, anti skimming devices, facial recognition and various sensors.
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Ease the work of your customer service

Ease the work of your customer service

ATMeye.iQ ties every transaction to the ATM user making it easier to solve disputes. Effortlessly retrieve event footage from the integrated cameras, simply searching by card number.

Event based ATM alarm system

Event based ATM alarm system

When various sensors detect malicious activity an immediate alert is sent. Security operators respond to threats or robberies with one click by launching configurable scenarios.

Preventing threats from card shimming

Preventing threats from card shimming

According to ATM security risks in Indonesia, skimming, shimming and other types of attacks are still relevant in the Asian countries. ATMeye.iQ in tandem with anti-skimming devices, prevents intruders from stealing card data.

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Comprehensive ATM Security

ATMEye.iQ solutions are comprehensive ATM security systems that provide protection for your institution’s ATMs and terminals. Our solutions include real-time monitoring, detection, and deterrents against all types of crimes. We offer a variety of features to fit your specific needs, including 24/7 monitoring, fraud prevention, and automatic alerts.

ATM Software Security

ATM software security is an important part of keeping your money safe. That’s why ATMEye.iQ provides quality ATM software security. We use state-of-the-art technology to create secure ATM software for businesses of all sizes. Our software is designed to protect your money and your business from a variety of threats. Our team of experts can help you create a secure ATM system that meets your specific needs.

ATM Hardware Security

ATMEye.iQ is a company that provides quality ATM hardware security solutions that help banks protect their ATMs from unauthorized use. Our products are reliable and effective, and they help banks keep their customers safe. We offer a wide range of products, so we can accommodate any needs.

ATM Physical Security

ATM physical security is a critical component of any security plan. Our team of experts has years of experience in the security industry and can design a tailored physical security solution for your business. We can also provide 24/7 support to make sure that your ATM is secure at all times.

Why Choose ATMeye.iQ ATM Security?

ATMeye.iQ is one of the leading ATM security companies in the world. We offer a wide range of security services, including installation, monitoring, and 24/7 support. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the highest-quality service possible. Your safety is our top priority, which is why we offer a variety of security features. Our surveillance system monitors all activity around the ATM 24/7. If anything appears suspicious, we will immediately notify you and take action.

Some advantages of our company’s products:

  • Centralized graphic media interface
  • Implementation of whitelist security rules
  • Control of perimeter devices
  • Control and whitelist of execution processes
  • Implementation of Windows policies
  • Encrypted communications
  • More than 90 functions

Our solutions

Dispute resolution with customers

Dispute resolution with customers

Among the ATM security risks in Thailand there are dispute incidents. ATMeye.iQ assists banks to handle the incidents. The responsible employee can find a photo and video recording of the disputable operation by various parameters in case if any questions about transactions on a self-service device should arise.

Fraudulent actions

Fraudulent actions

One of the ATM security risks in Vietnam is the vast presence of skimming devices on ATMs. The system informs the security instantly about any attempt to install a skimming device. Afterwards, one of the system’s protection scenarios will start automatically.

Usage of cards from the “black list”

Usage of cards from the “black list”

During the attempt to use a bankcard from “black list”, the system immediately informs responsible security employee of the bank, providing photos of the offender and video recording of the event.



The sensors installed at the self-service device sensors trace any misconduct and immediately inform security officer.

Main Functions and Advantages

Snapshotting and video capturing

Capture photo snapshots and video when sensors trigger events. This allows detailed reporting for all events coming from the sensors.

Pre-record and post-record

Take photo snapshots and capture video before and after events occur.

Live video and photos on demand

Stream live video and photos from any self-service device.

Camera status check

Check status and setup configuration of self-service device cameras using the multiple snapshots function.

All zones covered

Capture photo and video in all relevant zones: card reader, cash dispenser, safe, portrait shot and outside area of self-service device.

Camera operating modes' setup

Schedule day and night modes or change them manually. Get high quality images all day round in different weather conditions.

Face detection

Determine whether there is a person in front of an ATM during an operation and whether his face is covered.

Multiple face detection

Determine whether there is more than one person in front of an ATM.

Broad range of supported sensors for threat detection

ATMeye.iQ supports all types of sensors (shock, vibration, tilt, smoke or temperature detectors) as well as special anti-fraud devices.

Real-time monitoring of alarms

Responsible security officers are able to get immediate notifications (alarms) on sensor’s triggered events.

Covered camera alarm

Relevant personnel can receive immediate notifications in case of covered cameras.

Mobile notifications

Emergency messages about any abnormal situations sent in real-time to mobile devices via the Mobile ATMeye.iQ application.

Proactive notifications system

Event notifications are automatically sent to the responsible staff avoiding routine event stream analysis and reducing the reaction time.

Card capture or service denial

A blacklisted bank card might be captured by a self-service device if needed. Responsible staff will be notified about such an event by an instant message.

Camera remote configuration

The system allows configuring cameras remotely, choosing the best operation mode (day or night), setting brightness, contrast and other parameters.

Encryption and data security

All data transfers in the system run using encrypted protocol through the protected communication channel, securing any card data.

Centralized file management

The integration with RFM.iQ allows the system to transfer files between remote self-service devices, administrator workstation and collection server.

Remote software updates

Software updates is done remotely and centrally for the whole self-service device network without the need to physically come to the SDD.

Task scheduling

The system allows transferring data and archiving photos, videos and logs according to the predefined schedules or preset algorithms.

One common interface for all events

Get a complete picture of the operation of the entire fleet of self-service devices.

Easy search capabilities

Find devices and events using the easy to use search field.

Self-service device status check

A system operator receives information about current operating status of all self-service devices in the network. It allows him to react faster in case of technical problems.

Masking the bank card number

Key card information (card number) is masked in ATMeye.iQ system, ensuring the complete safety of the client’s personal data.

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How secure is an ATM?

There are many factors that influence ATM security. The degree of risk also depends on whether the machine is using XFS, or an operating system that is not XFS compatible. ATMeye.iQ has a solution for both types of platforms and can protect against potential threats like hacking and stealth attacks by understanding the operating logic of the software provider.

How can I protect my ATM?

The ATMeye.iQ solution reduces the risks inherent in all embedded ATM and POS systems. It protects vulnerabilities specific to these architectures and takes into account the specifics of programs and devices. ATMeye.iQ, a security product with an intuitive interface, allows you to manage a multi-layered security system for ATMs and other payment systems across your company’s IT infrastructure.

What are the biggest ATM security issues?

The biggest security problems of ATMs are physical and software attacks. Recently, attackers are increasingly using software hacking methods. That is why it is very important to apply up-to-date ATM security standards.

How can ATM security be improved?

There are several effective ways to improve ATM security:

  • Implementing security standards, including PTS;
  • Applying Jitter (anti-skimming technology that distorts the speed or flow of a credit or bank card when it is swiped at an ATM)
  • Built-in firewalls and encryption technology in the software
  • Use of a detection system (Install a detection system that can take the ATM offline if it senses a breach, or can detect if anything is connected to the card reader or keypad)

The choice of which ATM security tools to use depends on many factors.

What security precautions are necessary for an ATM to work?

Foremost, you need to take care of the integration of security standards in ATM. In addition, physical security elements in the form of tracking systems, jitter and other things are required.

The ROI of ATMeyeNG

Deployed in over 80 countries, ATMeye.iQNG is not only a unique and reliable solution but also an affordable one.

Helping your security and support personnel save time and resources. Minimizing your area of exposure, significantly reducing risk and helping you comply with industry standards and regulations.

Take a proactive approach to ATM security today

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