ATMeye.iQNG – ATM security and dispute resolution

The new generation (NG) of ATMeye.iQ is a video surveillance solution that helps banks quickly solve client disputes and protect against different types of criminal activity.

With ATMeye.iQNG, banks in over 80 countries simplify the work of security and client service thanks to easy access to videos and photos in real-time or linked to various transactions.

6 situations when ATMeye.iQNG can help you

Turn Customer Complaints into Enhanced Customer Experience Turn Customer Complaints into Enhanced Customer Experience Imagine the situation: a customer goes to a self-service device expecting to withdraw cash. However, the ATM either fails to provide the requested amount or does not dispense money at all. This fact leads to customer dissatisfaction and adds trouble to the bank's service staff.

ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ captures every step of a transaction, from inserting a card and entering a PIN to withdrawing cash. This level of detail ensures fast bank responses, leaving customers satisfied with the results.

Watch the video guide on how to efficiently resolve customers' complaints in just a few minutes!
Find Needed ATMs on a Map Find Needed ATMs on a Map Picture this: You have an interactive map at your fingertips, displaying ATM locations in real time. With just a few clicks, you can access vital information about each of your self-service devices.

The Map View function of ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ simplifies ATM fleet monitoring and improves customer service.

Discover in this video how to locate ATMs anywhere in the world and check their status and availability.
Access Your ATM Files Remotely Access Your ATM Files Remotely In many cases, a bank technical specialist should visit each ATM location physically to upgrade the device. This process can be time-consuming and challenging if ATMs are located in distant or hard-to-reach areas.

The Remote File Manager (RFM) of ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ provides an effective solution to these difficulties. Users can access and manage files on single ATMs as well as entire groups of devices without having to leave their offices.

Learn how the RFM module streamlines ATM management by avoiding the traditional update process.
Save Sensitive Data from ATM Save Sensitive Data from ATM Photos, videos, and critical files, such as device logs, stored in cash machines are often at risk of loss.

ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ ensures the integrity and security of crucial ATM data by automatically synchronizing it with a server. Selected ATM directories are permanently synced with the server, guaranteeing essential information remains secure, even if ATM disk space becomes full.

Watch this video to find out how ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ smartly backs up sensitive information from the ATM to the server, providing reliable data protection.
Detect Error Windows on the ATM Display Detect Error Windows on the ATM Display Sometimes, customers may mistakenly think that a self-service device is not functioning properly when unexpected windows (i.g., antivirus windows) appear on the screen.

Remote Screen Viewing feature of ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ allows bank staff to detect errors displayed on the ATM screen without on-site visits.

Watch the video to learn how the newly developed tool makes it easier to view ATM screens and quickly assess the situation.
Manage ATM Fleet Anywhere on any Device Manage ATM Fleet Anywhere on any Device Forget about desktop applications that slow down your devices! With ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ, users can securely access the system through a web browser, eliminating hard program installations on computers.

All updates and maintenance tasks are conveniently performed on the server, ensuring smooth and seamless software performance.

Let's see how ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ embraces web technologies for ATM fleet management!

ATMeye.iQNG helps…

Security ManagerTop ManagerDispute Manager do their jobs:

Security Manager
Prevent ATM vandalism and theftDeny service to customers who hide their facesPrevent skimmingPrevent Tamper and Drilling

Prevent ATM vandalism and theft

Burglars can try to steal an ATM by breaking into it and disabling its alarm sensors, or simply by smashing the device. A shock sensor, which detects any attempt to move or bump the ATM, will help prevent the theft of the ATM. In this case, you will receive instant alarm notifications and can promptly respond to the threat.
Top Manager
Increase customer satisfaction (NPS), reduce number of complaintsReduce insurance costsIncrease employee productivityObtain customer data

Increase customer satisfaction (NPS), reduce number of complaints

The system is characterized not by an error, but by the reaction to the error. It happens that an ATM doesn't dispense money to a customer, and an angry customer calls the bank. ATMeye.iQ can take care of the situation within minutes, resolving the conflict and impressing the customer with the speed of reaction.
Dispute Manager
Obtain detailed transaction informationIncrease the speed of dispute resolutionGet Transaction Information Fast

Obtain detailed transaction information

Often disputes arise due to a lack of transaction information. ATMeye.iQ allows you to receive detailed reports of all transactions, so you will always know if money has been paid to a client, has been left at an ATM, or has been transferred to the next user. Footage captured by ATMeye.iQ can be retrieved from the built-in cameras by searching by card number, date of the event, and other parameters.


Comprehensive monitoring ATMeye.iQNG is used for video surveillance of ATMs, electronic cashiers, terminals, and other equipment. The solution is designed to monitor incidents, linking each transaction to the user, facilitating the resolution of disputes, and providing protection against criminal activity.
Real-time video and photo viewing ATMeye.iQNG provides the ability to view real-time video and photos, as well as access to pre-and post-incident scene footage. The software simplifies security and supports work with dedicated sensors to detect any suspicious activity.
Ultimate facial recognition capabilities The software reacts to ATM users' faces and searches for their analogs in the database, black and white lists. When a threat occurs, the administrator receives an alarm notification. Face recognition using ATMeye.iQ can cancel customer service if their face is hidden.
Customizable security scenarios In the event of misconduct, security personnel can respond to the threat with customizable scripts that are activated with the click of a mouse.
Absolute protection against skimming The product is equipped with a separate anti-skimming system ASM.ATMeye.iQ prevents ATM attacks at every stage. Criminal actions by the user activate the security scripts instantaneously. In this case, security specialists will be notified in real-time with information about the incident, a photo of the suspect, and a video of the scene.
Detailed incident information In this case, security professionals will be notified in real-time with incident information, a photo of the suspect, and a video of the scene. The ATMeye.iQ footage can be retrieved from the built-in cameras and searched by card number, date of the event, and other parameters.
Prompt resolution of disputes ATMeye.iQNG allows you to review videos or find photos of an incident within a minute. With detailed transaction reports, you'll always know if money has been withdrawn, left in the cash dispenser, or given to the next customer. Using ATMeye.iQ, you will be able to resolve disputes in just a few hours.

Product modules

Dispute resolution Speed up the work of your Support department and heighten your ATM fraud prevention.
ATM Security A comprehensive ATM security solution will safeguard your fleet of ATMs, guarantee ATM compliance, and implement biometric access control.
ATM Monitoring Single dashboard can be used to monitor the entire fleet of ATMs, keep proactive security, or сonveniently manage data.
FRN.iQ Ensure secure ATM operation with face recognition module.
Anti-Skimming Module Utilize the ASM.ATMeye.iQNG anti-skimming technology to achieve unbreakable ATM security.

Supported devices

teller machine
teller safe
Payment and info
locker systems
gas stations

Why us

82000 ATMs secured
25 Years in Service
82 Countries
232 Banks Serviced
1 500 clients
500 specialists in various fields
82 000 ATMeye.iQNG installations on self-service devices
50 service centers
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ATMs secured
Years in Service

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