Monitor the entire ATM fleet on a single screen

The top 10 banks in the US have anywhere from 10 to 20 thousand ATMs, each requiring constant attention and monitoring. Traditionally, simple DVR methods of monitoring were employed, but they only helped to compose the events of the crime post factum. To actively identify an ongoing threat, operators at a bank would have to manually monitor hundreds of screens. Forth comes ATMeye.iQ, a software solution to unify and proactively analyze video streams of entire ATM fleets.

One interface for all events

The ATM security software  ATMeye.iQ unites the entire security infrastructure on a single screen. A security operator of a DVR video surveillance system is expected to supervise the entire facility in real time, over-viewing dozens of video channels at once. With ATMeye.iQ operators monitor and manage the overall situation in form of statistics, with full access to real-time video if needed. The system gathers all information from the whole ATM fleet and displays it in an intuitive way on a single screen, presenting a complete picture of the operation of the entire system.

Proactive security

The security that ATMeye.iQ ensures is based on proactive monitoring. The ATM solution operates on relevant information received from ATMs. Pre-record, post-record and record-on-event features ensure that only relevant video footage is recorded.  ATM surveillance is enhanced with video content analysis and face recognition. Modifiable security scenarios recognize any irregularities in device use, process sensor data and react immediately. The security operator is provided a detailed report with photo and video evidence in real time. Depending on the situation, the scenario may inform the authorities, capture the ATM card in a specialized card reader compartment or deny service. Event notifications are sent to the responsible staff through various delivery channels. Thus, routine scanning is avoided and the reaction time is reduced.

Convenient data management

The ATM monitoring possibilities are further enhanced with ATMeye.iQ archiving functionality. All data is tied to a particular transaction, card number, and date. Key card information is masked, ensuring the complete safety of client personal data. The system interface is intuitive and user-friendly. A system operator is able to find a particular SSD using the device tree sort and narrow the data to a single ATM transaction.

In addition, the status of a single automated teller machine can be checked using the same ATM monitoring software. A system operator receives information about the current operating status of all self-service devices in the network. It allows him to react faster in case of technical problems.

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