Frequently Asked Questions

What is ATMeye.iQ?

ATMeye.iQ is the comprehensive software solution from BS/2 designed for video surveillance of ATMs, electronic cashiers, terminals and other equipment. The solution provides protection against vandalism, robbery, fraud, and other criminal activities.

Who operates ATMeye.iQ software?

The security provided by ATMeye.iQ is based on proactive monitoring. The solution works based on relevant information received from ATMs.

What are ATMeye.iQ’s main features?

ATMeye.iQ supports the integration of two-factor authentication using existing technical infrastructure (ATM front cameras, etc.). The solution is equipped with special sensors to detect any suspicious actions (camera closing, triggering, antiskimmer, gas, tilt, and shock sensors).

What are ATMeye.iQ benefits?

ATMeye.iQ provides easy management of a fleet of self-service devices, downloading and archiving electronic logs, photos, and videos. The product simplifies security and support work, has a multilingual interface, user-friendly dashboard and easily customizable scripts. The solution provides real-time video and photo viewing, as well as access to pre- and post-incident scene footage.

How is your software different from other video surveillance solutions?

All BS/2 solutions can be customized according to customers’ business processes, translated into the national language, integrated with existing and new IT systems and software solutions. BS/2 always helps customers to optimize their business processes, create and add new features needed for their development.

Will you integrate your solution with our software? Can you help with on-site training and implementation? Is it possible to customize your software according to specific business needs?

Solution integration is possible; BS/2 has performed hundreds of integrations for our customers. The BS/2 team organizes and provides on-site training as well as software implementation and customization services. BS/2 software can be customized according to specific business needs. Our experts have made many different software configurations and implemented additional features needed for clients’ businesses. If you need a new feature, we can develop and add it.

What is ATMeye.iQ pricing?

The cost of the software depends primarily on the number of server licenses and licenses for connecting devices, the need for integration with existing systems, the support, and maintenance plan for the product. For an exact calculation of the cost of the product, check Pricing page in the page header.

How do I contact you?

You can call us at +370 5 266 45 61, send an email to [email protected] or contact us on social networks. You can also order a demo version of ATMeye.iQ on our homepage.