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ATMeye.iQ - ATM Monitoring and Management System

ATMeye.iQ is an all-in-one ATM Monitoring system, dispute handling, and anti-fraud solution developed by BS/2, a software ATM security company, for banks and financial institutions. BS/2, part of the Penki Kontinentai Group, has been the partner of Diebold Nixdorf in 13 countries for over 25 years.

BS/2 complies with strict financial industry regulations such as ISO-27001, ISO-20000, PCI-DSS, PA-DSS, EcoVadis Silver and ITIL V3.

ATMeye.iQ - ATM Monitoring and Management System
ATM Management System

ATM Management System

Real time ATM monitoring and transaction analytics allows managers and tech teams to look deeper into network availability issues, security and failed customer interactions. It provides answers to why incidents are happening, analyzes their frequency, creates alerts and resolves issues more quickly.

The ATMeye.iQ ATM Management System offers uninterrupted, fast, and reliable link-up with all banking systems to actively ensure client satisfaction. The ATMeye.iQ ATM Management System can be linked to an unlimited number of terminals, in theory. In addition, you can use the system with devices of any manufacturer, installed anywhere in the world and remotely from each other. After all, IT solutions from ATMeye.iQ contribute to the stable operation of monitoring and control systems 24/7 in all situations.

ATMeye.iQ uses state-of-the-art solutions and technologies to ensure absolute control and security of ATMs:

  • 24/7 audio, photo, and video recording
  • Monitoring of indicators by built-in sensors
  • Automatic notification system in case of non-compliance
  • Protection against the installation of readers and the use of blacklisted cards
  • Automatic software updates and more

Monitor and manage your ATM network

Monitor and manage your ATM network

ATM networks operate 24/7, which requires constant monitoring and remote management to maintain stable performance. ATMeye.iQ's solutions optimize the monitoring and remote management of ATM networks, regardless of the size of the network or the distance between the devices. Software and hardware add-ons ensure that ATM networks run completely smoothly according to the latest security standards. Deployment of control and monitoring systems takes days.

Easily resolve ATM card disputes.

Easily resolve ATM card disputes.

Multi-level control and monitoring allows you to get a lot of data on ATM transactions in real time with archiving. This means that if a dispute arises, the client and the bank can immediately get the necessary information about the bank card and the transaction in order to quickly resolve the dispute.

React immediately with instant incident alerts.

React immediately with instant incident alerts.

ATMeye.iQ's multi-layered ATM security and monitoring system works seamlessly 24/7 to immediately respond to various types of external interference, break-ins, vandalism, or installation of readers.

The ATMeye.iQ monitor’s rule-based framework flags monitor ATM transactions across multiple dimensions – transaction type, BIN range, customer type, merchant type, terminal ID as well as transaction volume and velocity.

In the case of any suspicious action, the security service will be notified, which allows you to take the following steps to prevent illegal actions and protect the material assets of the ATM and the database.

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Our solutions

Dispute resolution with customers

ATMeye.iQ’s remote control and monitoring systems are designed to enable easy and quick resolution of disputes with customers. In the event of a dispute, the client can obtain the full range of necessary data, including video and audio recordings, information on card transactions over a selected period, the exact location, date, and time of the disputed action, and other data. This allows the parties to identify the culprit of malicious actions, or to clarify the details of someone’s mistake and help correct the situation at the level of the ATM operator and the bank.

Fraudulent actions

One of the most important elements of ATM protection and monitoring from ATMeye.iQ is instant notification to the security system operator of an attempted break-in, installation of readers, or other unauthorized ATM activity. In such cases, the security operator will be notified within seconds and will redirect the signal to law enforcement or security services.

Usage of blacklisted cards

ATMeye.iQ’s ATM monitoring and security systems will prevent users from activating blacklisted bank cards that have been blocked for suspicious or unauthorized activity. In case attempts to use such cards are detected, the security service will instantly receive a notification as well as video and photo recording data with the exact time and location.


ATMeye.iQ’s ATM security and monitoring system includes a variety of sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, and other physical parameters. This makes it possible to instantly detect any attempts to tamper with or vandalize an ATM. If vandalism is detected, security operators will instantly receive data about the incident, redirecting the call to the police or security service at the ATM location.

Our solutions

Dispute resolution with customers

Dispute resolution with customers

The responsible employee can find a photo and video recording of the disputable operation by various parameters in case if any questions about transactions on a self-service device should arise.

Fraudulent actions

Fraudulent actions

The system informs the security instantly about any attempt to install a skimming device. Afterwards, one of the system’s protection scenarios will start automatically.

Usage of cards from the “black list”

Usage of cards from the “black list”

During the attempt to use a bankcard from “black list”, the system immediately informs responsible security employee of the bank, providing photos of the offender and video recording of the event.



The sensors installed at the self-service device sensors trace any misconduct and immediately inform security officer.

Main Functions and Advantages

Snapshotting and video capturing

The system takes photo snapshots and captures video when a sensor triggers an event. It allows building a detailed report for all alarm events coming from the sensors.

Pre-record and post-record features

Possibilities to take photo snapshots and capture video before and after events occur.

Live video and photos on demand

An opportunity to get instant access to streaming video and camera images from a particular self-service device.

All zones covered

Capture photo and video in all relevant zones: card reader, cash dispenser, safe, client’s face and outside area of self-service device.

Face detection

Determine whether there is a person in front of an ATM during an operation and whether his face is covered.

Multiple face detection

Determine whether there is more than one person in front of an ATM.

Broad range of supported sensors for threat detection

ATMeye.iQ supports all types of sensors (shock, vibration, tilt, smoke or temperature detectors) as well as special anti-fraud devices.

Real-time monitoring of alarms

Responsible security officers are able to get immediate notifications (alarms) on sensor’s triggered events.

Covered camera alarm

Relevant personnel can receive immediate notifications in case of covered cameras.

Encryption and data security.

All data transfers in the system run using encrypted protocol through the protected communication channel, securing any card data.

Proactive notifications system

Event notifications are automatically sent to the responsible staff avoiding routine event stream analysis and reducing the reaction time.

Card capture or service denial

A blacklisted bank card might be captured by a self-service device if needed. Responsible staff will be notified about such an event by an instant message.

One common interface for all events

Get a complete picture of the operation of the entire fleet of self-service devices.

Easy search capabilities

Find devices and events using the easy to use search field.

Masking the bank card number

Key card information (card number) is masked in ATMeye.iQ system, ensuring the complete safety of the client’s personal data.

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Diebold Nixdorf
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Benefits of ATM Monitoring Solutions ATMeye.iQ

ATMeye.iQ offers a comprehensive remote ATM monitoring solution that includes 24/7 support, remote diagnostics, automatic updates, a data protection system, centralized technical support, continuous monitoring and more. ATMeye.iQ’s integrated system allows you to control a small or large ATM network from anywhere in the world, ensuring the devices’ absolute security and technical condition throughout the entire period of use.

Additionally, ATMeye.iQ’s ATM remote monitoring solution has the following advantages:

  • Quick and easy deployment
  • 24/7 global customer support
  • One common interface for ATM system management
  • Remote file management
  • 24/7 video and audio monitoring
  • Remote ATM software upgrade
  • Broad range of sensors for threat detection
  • Unlimited number of devices in the monitoring system
  • Ability to connect to ATMs of any manufacturer


What is an ATM management system?

An ATM management system is a comprehensive approach to ATM monitoring and control, as well as data collection and processing, security system and data transmission between different remote devices. Such a system is necessary to ensure the smooth and secure operation of ATMs around the world.

Why do we need an ATM management system?

An ATM management system is necessary for each ATM network in order to protect the personal data of customers, timely respond to emergency situations, as well as ensure 24/7 control over the operation of the device, regardless of its location.

How can ATM services be improved?

ATM maintenance can be improved by implementing integrated remote management and monitoring systems from the ATMeye.iQ product family. In particular, improvements can be made by implementing hardware add-ons (e.g. video surveillance), software solutions (monitoring systems), biometric access systems, and more.

How does a remote ATM monitoring system work?

Remote ATM monitoring systems include several elements: remote automated software updates, round-the-clock video surveillance and analysis of built-in sensors that analyze the physical parameters of the ATM (temperature, humidity, tampering attempts, etc.).

The ROI of ATMeyeNG

Deployed in over 80 countries, ATMeye.iQNG is not only a unique and reliable solution but also an affordable one.

Helping your security and support personnel save time and resources. Minimizing your area of exposure, significantly reducing risk and helping you comply with industry standards and regulations.

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