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Camera Package*
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24/7 Support
Ticket Response Time
Up to 2 Hours
Ticket Resolution
Up to 24 Hours
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Detailed service reports
Live Trainings
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SaaS / Lifetime
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The ROI of ATMeye.iQ

ATMeye.iQ not only helps secure and manage your self-service device network but also helps to cut operational costs.

Reduce investigation, dispute resolution, and incident reaction times by getting the information and evidence you need immediately.  Significantly cut the number of visits to self-service devices by checking status and retrieving logs remotely over a secured TLS 1.2 encrypted channel. Lower insurance costs by complying with strict regulations and enabling pro-active security on your devices. Minimize the number of incidents occurring at your locations with Face Recognition by identifying and recognizing your perpetrators. Improve your company’s image by providing quick and reliable customer service with quickest dispute resolution times.

ATMeye.iQ your reliable partner in self-service device management and security.

FAQ of ATMeye.iQ

Does the solution offer streaming video in real time?

Yes, you can easily select any ATM or Self Service Device (SSD) from the SSD Tree and stream live video or photos from any camera associated with the device.

When does the system send notifications? sends immediate notifications to relevant personnel such as security officers and ATM administrators on triggered events such as: Camera covered, ATM tamper, shock sensor, heat sensor, tilt sensor activation or black listed card presence and more.

How is the system deployed?

Our highly experienced team will be assisting you during the entire process over email, phone, live video or onsite assistance depending on your requirements. BS/2 has subsidiaries in 14 countries and partners in many more.

Does ATMeye.iQ comply with my countries regulations?

So far ATMeye.iQ has been deployed in 80 countries, we are happy to configure the system to adapt to your countries specific regulations. To find out more please get in touch by sending us an email to [email protected]

How does the system transmit data from the self service device to the server?

ATMeye.iQ transfers data and files as well as video streams over TLS 1.2 encrypted channels complying with highest security standards.

ATMs of which manufacturers are supported?

ATMeye.iQ is an entirely multivendor solution as long as your ATM or self service terminal complies with the minimal technical requirements ATMeye.iQ can be installed and used easily.

Which devices are supported?

ATMeye.iQ can be installed on most self service terminals including: ATM, ATS, payment and info terminals, ticket dispensers, self service gas stations and other devices.

What is the licensing policy of ATMeye.iQ?

Server and multiagent license + ATMeyeCore license.