Protect your ATM fleet with an all-in-one ATM security system

Currently, the most visible trend in banking security is the rise of ATM attacks. To solve this banks are demanding an all-in-one solution. Luckily, one such solution has already been developed.

The current state of ATM surveillance

Some banks have basic protection, like 24/7 real-time surveillance and physical security. Unless banks implement a smart system, an operator has to constantly supervise the situation. Furthermore, cameras that come with ATMs usually do not cover enough ground and are plain easy to cover.

Reviewing video is a completely different issue. In order to resolve a conflict, responsible personnel have to manually find the footage in question and analyze the situation. However, because most ATMs only have one portrait camera, it is usually not enough information to identify all the key points of the case.

A modern all-in one solution

The ATM monitoring system ATMeye.iQ is a multivendor solution aimed at automating video surveillance. The essential difference in the approach to monitoring is that ATMeye.iQ only records relevant video. Thus, video storage is not overloaded with hours of video of ATMs in standby mode.

ATMeye.iQ is a tool of proactive video surveillance. It has an array of security scenarios, which can be personally configured by the fleet operator. The system displays all information from the entire ATM fleet in an intuitive way on a single screen. As per emergency handling, event notifications are sent to the responsible staff through various delivery channels, such as SMS and e-mail.

All zones covered.

ATMeye.iQ supports additional monitoring periphery installation. Extra cameras on the device permit the operator to monitor all device components, including the safe compartment, cash dispenser, card reader and PIN keyboard. Therefore, client disputes become much easier to handle. Banks are provided only with facts and evidence of every step taken by an ATM user.

A range of sensors provided by BS/2 guarantee that tampering with the device in any way will not be left unnoticed. Enhance your ATM security with tilt, temperature, vibration (occurring when a device is being drilled, for instance) and other sensors. Detect ATM component malfunction, improper ATM handling, camera covering or other unusual activity and have responsible personnel react in real time.

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