Speed up the work of your Support department and heighten your ATM fraud prevention

The most severe negative contact bank clients experience is the perceived sluggishness of Support Departments. Fraudulent transactions, stolen cards or other ATM disputes are problems that require swift and professional response. However usually this is not the case, disputes take days or even weeks to resolve.

This is in part because ATM transactions aren’t automatically tied to individuals making them. For example, Cyberabad police have found that 60% of the ATMs surveyed didn’t have any cameras at all. We‘ve created our solution with this problem in mind. ATMeye.iQ ties each transaction with an image of the person performing it. This feature helps to optimize the operations of Bank Support Departments and significantly reduces resolution time for all ATM cases.

The built in transaction monitoring system includes quick search by card number. This allows financial institutions to recognize the validity of the user’s complaint and speed up the dispute resolution time, leading to a more satisfying user experience, which in turn boosts overall customer loyalty.

Take your ATM monitoring to the next level and prevent ATM fraud with ATMeye.iQ. Whenever a user requests a charge-back for an ATM card transaction, you will know with absolute certainty who executed the transaction and who took the cash.

If a user approaching the ATM covers camera, the responsible operative receives an immediate notification and can lock the ATM services or set up automatic scenarios. Any number of automatic scenarios can be performed, meaning it has never been easier to manage your ATM fleet.

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