Boost ATM remote monitoring with Remote File Management.iQ

Operation feedback and data processing is an essential element of cyber security in banking. As ATM monitoring becomes more available, most automated teller machine deployers still struggle with data management.

RFM.iQ (Remote File Management) is an .iQ family product enabling a secure file transfer between self-service devices and the administrator workstation or data collection server. Here are three main features that make ATM data management convenient as never before.

Automated data collection

After initial device activation in the network, all file transfer jobs can be run remotely according to the predetermined schedule. The setup flexibility will grant the network operator any required report data. Information can be collected from a single ATM, groups of ATMs, as well as entire networks. As per the data itself, transfer jobs can be assigned for a specific date and time, file type and source directory. For example, incident reports can be prepared once a month, while photo and video logs can be backed up daily. RFM.iQ supports transferring any type of files, be it electronic journals, program logs, photos or video footage, making it the only file management platform an ATM fleet needs.

Relevant data archiving

The ATM security system ATMeye.iQ equipped with video content analysis. The system workflow is determined by contextual data received by a variety of sensors installed on the ATM. Video surveillance systems based on DVR allow real-time monitoring, but the massive amounts of video of ATMs in standby mode make it costly to store. ATMeye.iQ, on the other hand, is able to distinguish when the ATM is in use. Post-record, pre-record, and record-on-event features classify video information, allowing all irrelevant data to be disregarded. Therefore, the network operator is able to both monitor separate ATM machines in real time, and easily retrieve relevant data from the archive for revision.

Remote updates

Using our software you can establish an encrypted TCP/IP connection of ATM networks with the ATMeye.iQ server. The benefit of such a connection is the possibility to exchange information both ways securely. Ensure that your version of ATMeye.iQ is up to date on the entire ATM fleet with a single mouse click. The connection can also be used to update security scenarios for entire networks or separate ATMs. Manual software support and maintenance simply become a thing of the past.

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Supported devices

teller machine
teller safe
Payment and info
locker systems
gas stations