ATM grade security for parcel lockers and smart locker systems

The keyless locker market is expected to exceed $700M by 2022, its state of security though, is still in its infancy. However postal related crimes around the world are only increasing. Criminals are always looking for new devices to exploit and unattended package lockers are a great target. These devices are just as, if not more, vulnerable than other self-service terminals.

In 2018 in the US alone Postal Police Officers responded to 841 incidents of violent crimes, making a total of 321 arrests.

Security for parcel lockers

Electronic locker systems are fantastically comfortable and significantly ease the parcel delivery of over a million packages a week. Parcel pickup lockers are a great alternative to home package deliveries.  As such, delivery lockers provide operators and mail carriers with some serious benefits to their supply chain:

  • Bundling of parcels and packages
  • Saving on personnel costs of delivery carriers
  • Increased number of successful first-time deliveries
  • Optimization of post office operation
  • Optimization of delivery routes
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improved asset management

But just how secure locker systems really are? Currently parcel pick up lockers rely heavily on external security measures like CCTV cameras and local security officers. They are however not much different from other kinds of self-service devices and terminals. This presents lots of opportunities for criminals to break in physically or exploit the vulnerabilities of the parcel locker software.

Luckily there is lots of experience that Parcel Locker deployers can borrow from ATM security and fraud prevention experts. ATM and self-service device operators have been in a constant battle with crafty criminals for ages. These criminals will try everything to get inside cash-filled ATMs and get away with the loot.

ATMeye.iQ is an all-in-one self-service device solution for security, fraud prevention and dispute resolution. Used by the banking industry world-wide for over 20 years, ATMeye.iQ can now serve as an effective digital lockers solution. Even though initially ATMeye.iQ was intended for ATMs it is well compatible with all kinds of self service devices.

ATMeye.iQ analyzes the video stream in real time, ties photos and video recordings to events and can launch automatic scenarios. The proactive security system also works with a wide range of sensors to stop crime and instantly notify security personnel.

Main Functions and Advantages

Prevent Vandalism

The sensors installed at the self-service device trace any misconduct and immediately inform the security officer.

Resolve disputes faster

Customer service employees can find photos and video recordings of the disputable operation by various search criteria.

Get instant alerts and launch automatic scenarios

The system informs the security personnel instantly if any criminal or suspicious activity is detected.

Event-based snapshotting and video capturing

The system takes photo snapshots and captures video of all actions performed by a client at a self-service device. It allows building a detailed report of all events of any transaction.

Pre-record and post-record features

An opportunity to get instant access to streaming video and camera images from a particular self-service device.

Live video and photos on demand

An opportunity to get instant access to streaming video and camera images from a particular self-service device.

Camera status check

On demand check of the status and setup configuration of self-service devices cameras can be performed with multiple snapshots function.

All zones covered

Capture photo and video in all relevant zones: card reader and client’s face and outside area of self-service device.

Camera operating modes' setup

Cameras setting parameters can be switched from day to night mode according to the predefined schedule. It allows getting high quality images all day round in different outside conditions.

Face detection

Determine whether there is a person in front of a self-service device during an operation and whether his face is covered.

Multiple face detection

Determine whether there is more than one person in front of a self service terminal.

Supported devices

teller machine
teller safe
Payment and info
locker systems
gas stations