Ensure ATM compliance and access control with biometric technology

As more countries and regulatory bodies make Face Recognition a mandatory feature on ATMs, banks are rallying for a simple to implement solution.

The big problem with adapting biometric solutions is the difficulty of implementation. It is a task that used to require an in-house team to create personalized software manually. In some cases, the entire production and deployment process could take several years. What is more, due to the task’s complexity, software engineers often restrict functionality.

ATMeye.iQ is a multivendor ready-to-use solution. It ensures full compliance with the latest AML and KYC regulations. By using ATMeye.iQ and its face recognition functionality, the bank can be aware of every ATM user. It provides two-factor authentication for bank card users. Biometric identification can also be used as a security measure when no other authentication means is available.

However, its functionality is not limited to user authentication. ATMeye.iQ records all user actions, linking ATM processes with the user’s identity, operation time and video footage.

The feature that truly takes ATMeye.iQ on a whole new level of security is access control. The ATM network operator is able to create blacklists of cards with fraudulent activity. Upon identification, ATMeye.iQ may trigger an array of security scenarios. Face recognition algorithms even make it possible to determine if a user has their face covered. An array of such security scripts renders the ATM protection proactive, ensuring that every emergency gets properly handled.

Whitelists, on the other hand, are used to manage access of maintenance and CIT personnel. The ATM network operator can decide who has access to an ATM and when. Thus, ATMeye.iQ guarantees device protection from internal corruption.

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