ATM Security risks in Thailand

Among many worries that ATM fleet owners have, ATM fraud and ATM attacks are still those causing the most headache. Skimming, shimming, use of stolen cards, ATM physical and logical attacks are currently the most prevalent threats. Even though Thailand’s adoption of EMV cards and the push from Thai banks to stop supporting magnetic stripe cards helps protect against the most popular one which was skimming, other issues haven’t gone away. If some of these issues resonate with you and you want to learn more about the modern ATM security risks and what can be done about them - read on.

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Quick and easy deployment

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24/7 Global Customer Support

Financial institutions and ATM deployers take the comfort and security of their ATM users very seriously. There is no perfect system and long dispute-resolution times, slow event reaction times, reputational and financial losses can still occur no matter the state of preparedness, however there are ways to treat these issues and significantly reduce them.
For one, video surveillance and atm machine security cameras have been a go-to answer for physical attacks and dispute resolution assistance. It’s a solid solution, however on it’s own it is sluggish, not perfectly effective and resource intensive. A security officer still needs to sit and look at hundreds of screens and be perceptive enough to catch an emergency such as card skimming device installation when it happens. And if not caught in the act, retrieval of video or photo material can take weeks and then another person needs to review all that footage from the atm security cameras. As mentioned, on its own it’s an archaic solution.
However there is a modern solution used by financial institutions and atm deployers all over the world - ATMeye.iQ. ATMeye.iQ automatically analyzes the video stream coming from hidden cameras, card reader/card slot cameras and portrait cameras as well as collect information from a wide range of sensors to immediately detect danger and notify security personnel in real time. ATMeye.iQ also ties footage to transactions with pre-record and post-record functions immensely simplifying the dispute resolution process, making it easy to comply with law enforcement requests and reduce dispute resolution times.
Already implemented by many banks in Asia, ATMeye.iQ could be of great use to financial institutions of Thailand especially with how fraught the process of using a cash machine is in the island country. For example, the proactive security system could have assisted in finding swifter justice with the series of Logical Attacks that slew over the country. Or in the case of bombing attacks which occasionally happen in Thailand, ATMeye.iQ could have launched automatic scenarios to notify security personnel and law enforcement which could lead to apprehending the perpetrators red-handed.

ATMeye.iQ provides multiple layers of protection

A proactive ATM video surveillance system

A proactive ATM video surveillance system

Ease the work of the security officer or ATM manager with event-based alerts and pre-set scenarios. These configurable scenarios run automatically with trigger-based ATM security. This feature helps stop fraud at ATMs and prevents the use of stolen or black-listed cards.

Various sensors for skimmer, tamper and vandalism detection

Various sensors for skimmer, tamper and vandalism detection

ATMeye.iQ can come with a wide range of various sensors which help detect and prevent crime at ATMs. These can be skimmer detection kits, shock, gas, tilt, temperature sensors and many other devices. When any of these sensors are set off, ATMeye.iQ immediately informs the responsible person and launches pre-set scenarios.

ATM camera covered alarm

ATM camera covered alarm

In many cases, fraudsters achieve their goals and escape justice by covering or breaking ATM cameras. This can cause difficulties in retrieving crucial crime footage. ATMeye.iQ instantly sends an alarm and can prevent ATM use if the camera is covered or broken.

Device status check

Device status check

The system operator receives information about the current operating status of all self-service devices in the network using ATMeye.iQ. It allows him to react faster in case of technical problems.

Assisted dispute resolution

Assisted dispute resolution

Event-based and transaction based logic helps to minimize dispute resolution time. Provide required photo and video material to police and security service quickly, using quick search.

Proven success in over 80 countries

ATMeye.iQ helps more than 230 banks ensure the security of 80,000 devices worldwide. Combined with an anti-skimming device ATMeye.iQ can help banks guarantee the highest possible level of ATM protection and prevent ATM fraud.

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