The largest ATM market globally and it’s ATM security risks

According to research done by RBR more than half of the world’s ATMs are currently installed in the Asia-Pacific region. And according to the “Global ATM Market and Forecasts to 2024” report, the Asia-Pacific will also see rising cash withdrawal volumes in the majority of it’s markets.

Clearly ATMs aren’t going away any time soon, on the contrary, this channel is only expected to grow in the Asia-Pacific region. However, how well-protected is the ATM channel in the age of widespread hacking attacks, organized digital crime and rogue nations?

According to Visa’s Security Agenda for Southeast Asia there are three major types of payment card security concerns – counterfeit, unauthorized usage, and misuse of lost and stolen cards. Most cases of this type of crime happen at ATMs and even though banks are putting a lot of effort in integrating security measures, it’s just not happening fast enough, while also costing a fortune.

Among the wide range of ATM security threats the market is currently facing, ATM skimming remains at the top. During an interview with CNBC Martin Bally, vice president and chief security officer at Diebold Nixdorf said, – “ATM skimming is an over $2 billion problem globally.” While David Tente, executive director in the U.S. for ATMIA said, – “Skimming has historically been the number one fraud issue for the ATM channel, so it’s always been, on top of mind for our folks.”

ATMeye.iQ - Your reliable ATM safeguard
$2B ATM skimming costs banks globally
2M/3.22M ATMs in Asia Pacific region / ATMs worldwide by 2022
$350 / ATM* ATMeye.iQ Cost (*Contact for exact price)

Introducing ATMeye.iQ - the All-in-one solution for ATM security in the Asia-Pacific region

BS/2, a company specializing in banking equipment and software development for financial institutions has created ATMeye.iQ – an ATM security, dispute resolution and ATM  management solution. ATMeye.iQ works seamlessly with all kinds of ATM machine security cameras and cash machine hidden cameras, like those installed on the ATM card reader.

ATMeye.iQ - Your reliable ATM safeguard

ATMeye.iQ provides multiple layers of protection

A proactive ATM video surveillance system

A proactive ATM video surveillance system

Ease the work of the security officer or ATM manager with event-based alerts and pre-set scenarios. These configurable scenarios run automatically with trigger-based ATM security. This feature helps stop fraud at ATMs and prevents the use of stolen or blacklisted cards

Sensors for card skimming attacks, tampering and vandalism

Sensors for card skimming attacks, tampering and vandalism

ATMeye.iQ can come with a wide range of various sensors and anti skim solutions which help detect and prevent crime at ATMs. These can be skimmer detection kits, shock, gas, tilt, temperature sensors and many other devices. When any of these sensors are set off, ATMeye.iQ immediately informs the responsible person and launches pre-set scenarios.

ATM camera covered alarm

ATM camera covered alarm

In many cases, fraudsters achieve their goals and escape justice by covering or breaking ATM security cameras. This can cause difficulties in retrieving crucial crime footage from ATM surveillance systems. ATMeye.iQ can instantly send an alarm and prevent ATM use if the camera is covered or broken.

Assisted dispute resolution

Assisted dispute resolution

Event-based and transaction based logic helps to minimize dispute resolution time. Provide required photo and video material to police and security service quickly, using quick search.

Device status check

Device status check

The system operator receives information about the current operating status of all self-service devices in the network using ATMeye.iQ. It allows him to react faster in case of technical problems.

Proven success in over 80 countries

ATMeye.iQ helps more than 230 banks ensure the security of 80,000 devices worldwide. Combined with an anti-skimming device ATMeye.iQ can help banks guarantee the highest possible level of ATM protection and prevent ATM fraud. Latest versions of ATMeye.iQ can include optional advanced security features like Face Detection, Multiple Face Detection and Face Recognition.

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  • Agribank Vietnam
  • Techcombank
  • Asia Commercial Bank
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  • Acleda Bank Plc.
  • BRED Bank (Cambodia) Plc.
  • Cambodia Asia Bank
  • CIMB Bank
  • Foreign Trade Bank
  • Hattha Kaksekar Limited
  • Hong Leong Bank Plc.
  • Phnom Penh Commercial Bank
  • Sathapana Bank
  • Vattanac Bank
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The ROI of ATMeyeNG

Deployed in over 80 countries, ATMeye.iQNG is not only a unique and reliable solution but also an affordable one.

Helping your security and support personnel save time and resources. Minimizing your area of exposure, significantly reducing risk and helping you comply with industry standards and regulations.

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