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Security 2022-05-04

What is ATM jackpotting attack

ATM Jackpotting Attack We all know the pleasant sound of ATM bills counting down. But it's even…

by Kirill Ovsiannikov
Monitoring Security 2022-04-26

What is ATM fraud: types and cases of ATM scam

Everything you need to know about ATM fraud Over the past few decades, ATMs have become commonplace,…

by Kirill Ovsiannikov
News 2022-03-04

How to secure ATMs: crime statistics 2021

This infographic shows the statistics of criminal activities in different regions of the world. We invite you…

by Kirill Ovsiannikov
News 2021-04-01

Mali Starts Protecting ATMs with the ATMeye.iQ Solution

BS/2 company, in cooperation with local partner, has started to deliver the ATMeye.iQ solution in Mali, supporting…

by Kirill Ovsiannikov
News 2020-09-18

BS/2 will take part in Self-Service Banking Asia 2020

The international conference Self-Service Banking Asia 2020 will be held on September 23-24. The event is organized…

by Kirill Ovsiannikov
News 2020-07-24

Video surveillance for parcel lockers: a new application of ATMeye.iQ

Delivery of e-commerce goods through parcel lockers (also called parcel terminals, parcel machine, automated postal stations) is…

by Kirill Ovsiannikov
News 2020-05-29

Equity Bank Kenya Limited will provide ATM security with ATMeye.iQ

Equity Bank Kenya Limited has acquired 280 ATMeye.iQ software licenses to protect their ATM network. This solution…

by Kirill Ovsiannikov
News 2020-01-15

Face Detection: Extra ATM PIN Security

Every year, crimes associated with the use of self-service devices become more sophisticated from a technical point…

by Kirill Ovsiannikov
News 2019-10-18

Asterios Karampolas: ATMeye.iQ Is One of the Few Products That…

International ATM & Cyber Security 2019 conference focused on physical and logical ATM security took place in…

by Kirill Ovsiannikov
News 2019-09-24

Face Detection as an effective ATM alarm system

The Face Detection module is a part of the ATM video surveillance solution ATMeye.iQ, and is an…

by Kirill Ovsiannikov
News 2022-06-06

ATM video surveillance: how to use all the capabilities of…

According to the European Safe Transaction Association (EAST), in 2018 the number of physical attacks on ATM…

by Kirill Ovsiannikov
News 2019-07-09

How do ATM attacks change and what is the price…

The number of attacks on ATMs increases every year. The attacks themselves are changing, becoming more complex…

by Kirill Ovsiannikov
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