ATMeye.iQ Core

Sample text ATMeye.iQ – a comprehensive solution to improve the security level of self-service devices. It includes a video surveillance system with facial recognition functionality, as well as the sensors that react to any unlawful actions against terminals.

ATMeye.iQ Core
Broad range of supported sensors for threat detection.

Broad range of supported sensors for threat detection.

Different type of sensors (shock, vibration, tilt, and smoke ortemperature detectors) as well as special anti-fraud devices can be mounted inside the SSD and connected to the ATMeye.iQ system in order to prevent fraudulent activities and possible crime or vandalism actions.

Real-time monitoring of alarms

Real-time monitoring of alarms

Responsible security officers are able to get immediate notifications (alarms) on sensor’s triggered events.

Covered camera alarm

Covered camera alarm

In case of camera coverage or disconnection, responsible bank employees will automatically get alarm notifications on this event to be able to prevent any possible consequences

Mobile notifications

Mobile notifications

Emergency messages about any abnormal situations can be sent in real-time to mobile devices via the Mobile ATMeye.iQ application

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Supported devices

teller machine
teller safe
Payment and info
locker systems
gas stations

The ROI of ATMeyeNG

Deployed in over 80 countries, ATMeye.iQNG is not only a unique and reliable solution but also an affordable one.

Helping your security and support personnel save time and resources. Minimizing your area of exposure, significantly reducing risk and helping you comply with industry standards and regulations.

Take a proactive approach to ATM security today

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