Friday, April 26, 2024

Major Updates in ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ 1.8.0

BS/2 specialists continue to enhance ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ functionality, customizing the system to meet customer needs. In the first quarter of 2024, the BS/2 team released several crucial updates to the software. In the new 1.8.0 version, there are many important functional changes. The additions improve monitoring efficiency, the dispute process, and ATM fleet safety.

Integration with Teltonika GPS Trackers

Integration with Teltonika GPS trackers is one of the major changes to ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ. This solution allows banks to track the current location of ATMs. Now users can receive notifications about ATM movements even if the device isn’t available.

With ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ banks will be notified promptly of any unauthorized device activity. Additionally, system users can track the ATM’s entire route.

Pic.1 GPS Tracking of ATM with Teltonika Devices

Currently, the BS/2 team is working on integrating additional sensors – shock, drilling, gas, temperature, and others – directly with the GPS tracker. Due to the Teltonika tracker’s capability, the device will also send notifications about external impacts whether disconnected from power or the network.

Pic. 2 Displaying Device Information within ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ

Windows XP Compatibility

Windows XP is still used at ATMs by many financial companies even though the operating system is no longer officially supported. The reason is that upgrading Windows requires additional costs to modernize the devices. Due to customer requests, BS/2 experts have adapted ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ for Windows XP. This update is now available in 1.8.0.

ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ installation on legacy ATMs increases security and enables professional monitoring of the devices. As a result, banks can benefit from ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ across their entire fleet, despite their operating system or production year.

Data Export to Mongo DB

The new ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ features allow banks to back up and store confidential information beyond the server using Mongo DB. This option reduces maintenance costs and provides additional security and safety for sensitive data.

MongoDB is an open-source document-oriented database management system. MongoDB supports flexible data models in a JSON-like document format. The approach allows users to store different types of information in the same repository.

Optimizing server capacity is challenging for countries that require banks to store financial transaction information for at least five years. Cold storage avoids overloading the server and preserves data for the required period.

By selecting and downloading only the necessary data, ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ provides flexibility and resource savings.

Typically, when a bank receives a request from the police about certain transactions or over a specific period, the staff can select the appropriate range and prepare the response without uploading the entire database.

Thus, ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ allows banks to use their internal servers as cold storage, which further enhances data security.

Targeted Notifications

The message personalization feature in ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ allows users to tailor notifications according to specific staff duties. Notifications can now be classified not only into categories, as before, but also into subcategories corresponding to choosing ATM events.

Рис.3 Customizable Notifications Based on Device Events

A large fleet of devices generates many notifications. In this case, staff can be distracted from their core responsibilities. With targeted messaging, technical notifications, such as network issues, can be sent directly to the technicians responsible for the ATM network. This advantage allows them to focus on their immediate tasks instead of being disturbed by other messages. The categorization works for notifications sent via e-mail or Telegram.

Using ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ, banks can manage their ATM fleet more efficiently and control transactions on self-service devices.

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