Friday, January 12, 2024

ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ security and monitoring system is now compatible with Windows XP

The ATM fleet typically includes both modern and older models. Hardware can last a long time, but software loses its relevance very quickly. As a result of customer requests, the BS/2 development team has customized ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ to work with Windows XP. Through this adaptation, devices of any manufacturing year gain security and functionality.

Windows XP is compatible with low-performance hardware, which is one of its advantages. Microsoft stopped supporting the platform in 2014 – at that time approximately 95% of ATMs worldwide ran on Windows XP.

Updating the operating system involves additional expenses for many banks. The costs include not only installing the latest Windows version but also upgrading components, such as replacing the processor and internal storage.

ATMs are becoming more independent of Windows. ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ can be deployed across an entire fleet of ATMs, even those running Windows XP.

Early-generation devices are more vulnerable to criminal activity. ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ’s integration with Windows XP will enhance the security and monitoring of such ATMs. Additionally, ATMs based on Windows XP now support features previously available only on modern self-service devices.

Learn how to improve the security and functionality of ATMs running Windows XP. Click here to schedule a demo of ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ.