Friday, September 18, 2020

BS/2 will take part in Self-Service Banking Asia 2020

The international conference Self-Service Banking Asia 2020 will be held on September 23-24. The event is organized by RBR, one of the world’s leading providers of strategic research and consulting services for organizations working in the field of retail banking, banking automation, retail technology, cards and payments.

Self-Service Banking Asia is the leading industry event in the Southeast Asia region. The conference is dedicated to self-service banking and digital technologies. It is a platform that brings together banks, fintech companies, payment systems, service providers and solutions and other representatives of the banking industry from Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region to discuss current problems of banking industry, find their solutions, exchange experiences and communicate.

The Self-Service Banking Asia 2020 conference will be held in a new format for it. Due to travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, it will operate virtually. The event will use the latest technology to host the conference, attracting more attendees to Self-Service Banking Asia than ever before. More than 570 representatives of 230 organizations from 70 countries will take part in the event this year.

The conference will be held online, but it offers participants all the same advantages as RBR’s physical events: a rich program of speeches, virtual stands with demonstration of products and solutions, opportunities for communication and finding new partners. More than 25 speakers have been announced. They will talk about the current problems of the industry and the solutions that the market offers. BS/2 representatives will deliver a presentation “ATM Security & Dispute Resolution excellence for top banks in Vietnam”.

As part of Self-Service Banking Asia 2020, the operation of the ATMeye.iQ ATM security software solution will be demonstrated at the BS/2 virtual stand. Demonstration of the solution will take place at the DN200 ATM. Market experts predict this ATM model from Diebold Nixdorf to be the next bestseller in the self-service market, which is why BS/2 chose it to showcase its solutions. As part of the demonstration of ATMeye.iQ, conference participants will be able to familiarize themselves with the work of Face Detection and Face Recognition solutions based on the biometric technologies.

The ATMeye.iQ software solution is already being used by a number of Vietnamese banks to improve the security of self-service devices and resolve disputes.

“We see in the countries of South-East Asia in general and in Vietnam in particular a great potential for the use of our software products,” says Vilius Gofmanas, sales manager for software products BS/2. “Our ATMeye.iQ self-service device security software platform may be of great interest to Vietnam. The country has a high crime situation, while the security level of self-service devices is quite low. Vietnam still uses only magnetic cards, there are practically no chip cards, so skimming is very common in the country. Skimming is theft of data from the card magnetic stripe using a special device (skimmer) that cybercriminals install on ATMs. Using ATMeye.iQ allows ATM owners to minimize the risk of skimming. It also helps to quickly resolve various disputes arising between ATM users and financial institutions. The resolution of such a dispute in most Vietnamese banks takes on average 10-14 days. When using our solution, the bank will be able to resolve disputes in just a few hours.”

Conference participants will be able to familiarize themselves with other BS/2 software solutions: software solution for providing currency exchange functionality on self-service devices FCX.iQ and software solution for cash flows control CashManagement.iQ.

“The CashManagement.iQ software solution was designed to manage cash flow in a network of self-service devices. It allows ATM fleet owners to remotely monitor cash balances in terminals, intelligently plan cash collection, save on raising funds to replenish self-service devices. All this together reduces the operating costs of the terminal network owner, makes cash flow management easy and transparent,” says Kirill Ovsyannikov, the Head of Marketing at BS/2. “BS/2 software solutions are used by banks and other organizations in the financial industry from around the world. We are ready to share our experience with the banking sector of Southeast Asia and are confident that our solutions will be in demand there.”

It is planned that there will be a separate presentation of how solutions work in real time for each exhibitor who has shown interest in BS/2 products.