Friday, September 07, 2018

Holiday thanks to… the bug

Software tester holiday

Software testers celebrate their professional holiday on Sunday.

Software testers celebrate their professional holiday on Sunday. The choice of the day is far from accidental. September 9, 1947, scientists of Harvard University were testing a computing machine when they found a moth that had landed between two solenoid contacts, shorting out a relay. Grace Hopper described the accident in the registration journal: “First actual case of a bug being found”. To this day, the moth is still stored at the Harvard computer technology museum. The process of fixing bugs is termed “debugging” due to this amusing incident.

What exactly do testers do? The English word “test” is defined as “verification”. Testers are specialists who test new products, analyze the advantages and disadvantages, search for errors. A tester’s work range is very wide – from assessing the quality of food or toys to musical instruments and technical equipment. However, in the term “tester” is usually associated with computing, showing that the poor moth did not die in vain.

Some skeptics claim that testers are but failed programmers, but being a tester actually requires a very particular set of skills.

“Analyzing the principles of the software work, the tester must think like a software developer. On the other hand, he needs to check the program from the user’s point of view. Correct all mistakes and avoid the consumers’ dissatisfaction before the product is released on the market” – says Igor Katin, Head of Software Development Department at BS/2 company.

Nowadays testing as a profession is growing in popularity and prestige. Such work requires attention and patience.

“The tester should have analytical thinking and good memory, be able to learn quickly and solve the tasks assigned to him. It is important that he can simulate situations that may arise using a software product. The tester’s work is important because it helps manufacturers to correct software errors” – says I. Katin.

According to Mantas, the tester of the software family .iQ developed by BS/2, testing is a task of defect prevention and the quality control, performed by monitoring the production process.

“It may seem that the tester’s work is monotonous and uninteresting. However, we are researchers who are looking for something that is not visible to the naked eye to ensure product quality,” says Mantas. – Not only do we test new products, but all updates as well. I find it really interesting to test the new ATMeye.iQ update. Together we create a professional, internationally recognized system for ATM protection and monitoring. The Lithuanian Business Confederation awarded ATMeye.iQ as Best Service of the Year (2018). When you test a solution that protects more than 75,000 self-service devices in almost 80 countries, you feel meaningful” – explains Mantas.

Congratulations to all testers! A tester is more than a profession. We thank you for your knowledge and energy, your desire to create the best products and make life better.