Thursday, March 01, 2018

4 upgrades that made ATMeye.iQ the best solution for ATM video security in 2017

best solution for ATM video security

It is very understandable, that the video monitoring system ATMeye.iQ is the most popular software product developed by BS/2 for self-service devices in the banking sector and retail.

It is very understandable, that the video monitoring system ATMeye.iQ is the most popular software product developed by BS/2 for self-service devices in the banking sector and retail. About 70 thousand ATMs and other terminals around the world are protected by this software solution. However, in order to keep up, the BS/2 team faces the challenge of continuously improving the product, anticipating customer expectations and responding to the most serious security challenges for banks and other financial institutions.

Perhaps, only ATMeye.iQ development team could better than others sum up the results of 2017 for ATMeye.iQ.

1. More security and performance stability

The growth of the ATM park is the blessing and in the same time serious strength test for every bank. This puts a strain on financial organizations, requiring additional costs to increase service staff and significantly complicates the work processes, associated with the technical support of devices. That is why provided by ATMeye.iQ the opportunity to protect up to 14 000 terminals within one network is very substantial.

The request, received from a major provider of banking services in North America, became the real driver for such optimization. The scale of the project was so different from all the previous ones. The ATMeye.iQ team led by the leader Elena Grinchuk, faced with the difficult and urgent task – to ensure the stable operation of the video surveillance system and fraud prevention for several thousand devices.

This became possible due to the solution transition to the new version of the application server WildFly 9.0.2. and massive updates in the algorithm.

“I don’t like to speak loudly and call it a technological revolution for a single product, but our solution really began to work tens of times more stable and more reliable,” says Head of IT support Sergey Pokusaev.

In addition, it was important for the development team to adapt the work of ATMeye.iQ to the requirements of customers in the North American region and to provide implementation of MS SQL database. July’s version update supplemented the already existing PostgreSQL and Oracle databases with MS SQL 2016 Server.

Sergey Pokusaev, who took an active part in the development comments:

“Last year can be called a preparatory for us: a lot of rough work, not very noticeable for the clients, was done. Only because of this, we feel confident and ready to implement the already planned large-scale projects in the US and other countries.”

2. Orientation to the client’s interests as a trend

In recent years, the development of application software for ATMs has been particularly active. The basic functionality of self-service devices is already inadequate for all the bank’s needs as all market’s participants are fiercely competing for each client, thus the portfolio of services should be very large.

On the one hand, the financial institutions strive to give the client as much as possible targeted advertising during the performance of standard operations on the ATM, and on the other, to provide it with additional services: the ability to pay for various services, make currency exchange and other actions.

For these purposes, at the end of last summer, the ATMeye.iQ system was integrated with the latest version of ProFlex 4.0, released by Diebold Nixdorf. “Thus, the video monitoring system developed by our team is fully compatible with the latest version of the self-service application software from Diebold Nixdorf, protecting the equipment and personal data of the bank’s customers, regardless of the type and models of the ATMs,” says project manager Elena Grinchuk.

“Initially, the adaptation of the latest ProFlex version was made for one of our customers, who signed a large contract for the delivery of the newest ATMs Diebold Nixdorf. However, this integration turned out to be very important other financial organizations using ATMeye.iQ. The desire of our customers to use advanced software in order to improve the quality of services is absolutely understandable. Our task is to keep up with technological trends, “the expert emphasizes.

3. More control for the banking business

The ATMeye.iQ solution is known on the market since 2001. During this time, the software was used by banks that had different (sometimes quite outdated) technical infrastructure. Even today, a number of developing countries use an off-line version of ATMeye.iQ.

In 2017, the global transition to the newest version of ATMeye.iQ 2.0 was completed, and, among other things, the ability to distribute software licenses for self-service devices directly from the server is realized. This provides our customers and partners with a tool for easy management of already acquired software licenses and helps build an effective business model for the security of self-service devices.

“The distribution of software licenses directly from the server – this is what we have long wanted to implement for ATMeye.iQ. We are confident that this development will make the relationship between the software vendor and the customer absolutely transparent. Now, we can state that we are only at the beginning of the road: we have a whole list of ideas related to the licensing policies regulation, most of which have already been taken into development.

Today the most important thing is to emphasize the importance of this functionality to our partners, because it will allow them to more effectively manage the delivered software and reduce the cost of using the solution, “says project manager Elena Grinchuk.

4. Biometrics – new horizons for the development of banking services

At the moment, the use of biometric identification for self-service is definitely one of the main trends in the banking technology field.

Wherein, the face recognition solutions are most organically combining with the tasks of video security, since many self-service devices are already equipped with video cameras. Taking into account the continuous improvement of the cameras technical characteristics and the general development of biometric technologies, the use of face recognition opens up new opportunities for financial institutions. Compliance with the today’s standards set, in a few years, will most likely become mandatory for any successful bank. For this reason in 2017 BS/2 and VisionLabs, one of the market leaders introducing the pattern recognition technology in the world, announced a strategic partnership and the creation of a line of interbank identification services. The services will integrate the video monitoring system for ATMeye.iQ self-service devices and the LUNA platform.

“Today banks collect a huge amount of data about their customers, including photo during signing contracts, processing loans and cards. Imprinted images can be used effectively to further identify bona fide customers and scammers from the blacklist. Once the suspicious person comes near the self-service device and enters the standard ATM port camera lens, the ATMeye.iQ system can send an alert to security personnel or launch another programmed scenario (denial of service, bankcard capture, etc.). This program allows us to offer customers an excellent solution for an effective integrated video security, because this is exactly what the market of banking services requires today, ” says senior programmer deputy director Tomas Augucevičius.

The most valuable subjects must be protected by all available means, especially when it comes to money, personal data or property. BS/2 specialists help more than 700 business clients worldwide maintain and develop safe technology environment allowing to provide efficient banking services.