ATM software development

The development of any financial organization is associated with the security of ATM fleet, the need to protect devices from vandalism, robbery, fraud and other criminal activities.

ATMs are often the target of intruders, so banks use video surveillance software to prevent installation of readers, jackpotting, attempts to steal and blow up equipment, and other unpleasant incidents.

ATMeye.iQ is the comprehensive ATM software solution from BS/2. The solution is designed for video surveillance of ATMs, tellers, terminals and other equipment. ATMeye.iQ has been in demand on the market for 20 years and is used in 80 countries.

ATM software development

React to ATM crime in Real Time with this multi function solution

Integration of biometric technologies

Integration of biometric technologies

This challenge involves creating a comprehensive solution for multiple banking channels. ATMeye.iQ provides proactive protection for facial recognition devices and easily integrates with the existing banking infrastructure. As a result, a financial institution can confirm the identity of each self-service device user. At the same time, bank customers can take advantage of two-factor authentication, guaranteeing the safety of personal data and funds.

Simplifying security operations

Simplifying security operations

ATMeye.iQ allows to view live video and photos as well as access pre- and post-event footage. The software simplifies the work of security and support with dedicated sensors to detect any suspicious activity (recognition by closing the camera, triggering, anti-camera, gas, tilt and impact).

Ultimate facial recognition capabilities

Ultimate facial recognition capabilities

The software reacts to ATM users' faces and searches for their counterparts in the database, black and white lists. When a threat occurs, the administrator receives an alarm notification. Face recognition using ATMeye.iQ has the ability to cancel customer service if their face is hidden.

Remote monitoring system

Remote monitoring system

In addition to client authentication, the software records all user actions. At the same time, all data is transmitted via the secure connection by means of a special Remote File Management module. Thus, the system administrator is provided with the tool for remote monitoring and data processing.

Absolute protection against skimming

Absolute protection against skimming

The product is equipped with the separate anti-skimming system ASM.ATMeye.iQ, which prevents ATM attacks at every stage. Criminal actions by the user trigger the activation of security scripts instantaneously. In this case, security specialists will be notified in real time with information about the incident, a photo of the suspect and video of the scene.

Benefits of our ATM software

The main mission of BS/2 is to optimize banking self-service channels. The company has performed more than 100,000 software installations.

Focusing on the key needs of our customers, we provide the most effective tools to achieve their goals. Our vision is to create a diverse but stable future by developing products with a long-term view.

The following are the key business benefits of ATMeye.iQ software.

  • Easily manage a fleet of self-service devices, downloading and archiving electronic journals, photos and videos;
  • Multilingual interface and user-friendly dashboard with custom widget pages, cloning of published pages and subscriptions;
  • Displaying status indications on the map for individual devices or a group of devices;
  • Exporting data to PDF and Microsoft Excel;
  • Tntegration with iQ CORE (ADM, USM);
  • Support for the remote installation of new software and remote device start-up, shutdown and reboot;
  • The ability to use impersonal customer data (gender, age) for marketing purposes.

Supported devices

teller machine (ATM)
teller safe
Payment and info
gas stations
Certificate Certificate ISO-20000 ISO-27001 Certificate
Quick and easy deployment
Quick and easy deployment

Comply with strict regulations

24/7 Global Customer Support
24/7 Global Customer Support

Why us

BS/2’s specialized services allow our clients to use best practices and state-of-the-art solutions in their business.

The following are the main benefits of working with BS/2.

  • Minimizing the administrative and operational costs associated with self-service channel and equipment provisioning.
  • No training or certification costs for technicians.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership of the infrastructure.
  • Increase in key operational metrics for the self-service channel.
  • Transparency and predictability of costs and investments over the long term.
Why us

ATM Managed Services FAQs

Which software is used in ATM machine?

Modern financial institutions use special solutions to monitor ATMs, ease the resolution of disputes and protect against criminal activity. One such solution is ATMeye.iQ.

How to enter the PIN-code at an ATM?

When entering the PIN-code, cover the keyboard regardless of the queue near the ATM. After withdrawing money from the ATM, you should quickly and discreetly remove the card, cash, and receipt. On the Internet there is information that a mirror PIN-code can save from robbers, but this is not true.

Which operating system do ATM machines use?

Most ATMs around the world use Microsoft Windows. In 2014, many ATMs were operating on Windows XP.

What is ATMs software?

ATM software includes programs used to control the device. Many modern ATMs support NFC and have a cash recycling system.

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BS/2 software suite

BS/2 customers are financial institutions, retailers, service providers and other agencies that seek to optimize business processes and improve service quality. Below we will tell about BS/2 software products.
ATMeye.iQ is the comprehensive software designed for video surveillance of ATMs, electronic cashiers, terminals, and other equipment. The solution is used to monitor incidents, facilitate the resolution of disputed situations, and provide protection against criminal actions.
Cash Management.iQ is the software product that solves the problem of optimal cash distribution for cash acceptance and disbursement points. The product consists of 5 modules and is used by various commercial and state structures that face the task of forming an efficient technological environment for cash circulation organization.
FCX.iQ is a software solution that provides a currency exchange function on ATMs. The product allows to exchange currencies of different types on ATMs with a recirculation function, as well as to receive and dispense cash.
This software platform is designed to automate service processes for various types of equipment. The solution allows you to get full control over the service process, from the receipt of a service request to invoicing for the work performed.
This platform makes it possible to turn a separate terminal into an automated payment point. The software solution meets the requirements of the PA-DSS payment application security standard, supports ISO8583 and NDC/DDC protocols.
TransLink.iQ is the system for POS-terminals network management and transaction routing. The software solution provides a wide range of opportunities to optimize work processes of companies that deploy and support acquiring equipment networks.
This hardware and software system is designed for banking, payment, insurance and other operations. VTM.iQ includes a self-service device with advanced functionality, an electronic cashier with cash recycling function, and specialized software.
This product provides secure data exchange between self-service devices, the operator's workstation and the server. Remote File Management provides up-to-date data archiving and remote updates.
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Deployed in over 80 countries, ATMeye.iQNG is not only a unique and reliable solution but also an affordable one.

Helping your security and support personnel save time and resources. Minimizing your area of exposure, significantly reducing risk and helping you comply with industry standards and regulations.

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