ATM Management Solutions

ATM networks are expanding day by day, making it necessary to optimize the monitoring and management of devices across financial institutions. ATMeye.iQ offers advanced ATM management, security, 24/7 monitoring, and audit solutions. The proposed solutions allow you to automate and optimize the operation of ATMs without additional investment.

Save money and ensure stable and uninterrupted ATM operation anywhere in the world with ATMeye.iQ’s smart software solutions!

ATM Management Solutions

Our ATM Management Solutions

Inventory management

Inventory management

ATM reports are stored centrally and updated as they occur. The information is accessible through a searchable database that can be exported into an Excel format for auditing or additional reporting purposes.

ATM Monitoring

ATM Monitoring

Remote diagnostics provides instant insight into the state-of-health of all ATMs. This includes information and statistics on the status and performance of the ATM network. Alerts are sent to vendors via email, SMS, or smartphone app when something is wrong with any of the ATMs.

Incident Management

Incident Management

The status of the service ticket is automatically tracked and updated by effective, automated incident management. It minimizes down-time and ensures that customer services are restored as quickly as possible.

ATM Location Analysis

ATM Location Analysis

Google map data, including ATMs, bank branches, supermarkets and schools for example, combined with available information on transaction volumes by location is not only able to help in analyzing the performance of the existing ATM installed base, but also determining optimal locations for new ATM placements.

Log Center

Log Center

One can easily find the data from an ATM log, including equipment and software issues, by searching logs with a centralized database. Complex rules provide prevention to alerts of these issues and can be sent to appropriate personnel via email, SMS, or mobile app. With predictive maintenance, you can prevent incidents efficiently.

ATM Management Features

The solution offered by ATMeye.iQ has several key features over its competitors.

Complete control with an intuitive interface

ATM Management from BPC helps banks operate 24/7 with their ATM services and provide more customer-facing experiences for cash optimization. Easy to use, the solution can be installed quickly and is more cost-effective than other modern systems.

Personalized experience

ATMs are no longer a one-size-fits-all channel. Intelligent ATMs can now be used to broadcast targeted marketing messages to consumers.

Smart Cash Management

ATM Management doesn’t provide a one-size-fits-all approach. Their dashboards can be customized to match your replenishment plans and flexibility needs.

Benefits of ATMeye.iQ Solutions

With unlimited access to the tools that you require, you can improve customer experience with ATMeye’s state-of-the-art ATM management tools.

Here are some benefits of ATM management solutions from ATMeye.iQ:

  • Monitor customer behavior for the best outcome;
  • Understand the ROI of your ATM and self-service devices by breaking down revenues and costs for each location;
  • Calculate profit margins by card type, transaction type, customer type and time period;
  • Alerts are used to identify suspicious behavior and fatal errors;
  • Virtual tellers and third party app integrations help improve the customer experience while reducing risk;
  • With a self-contained network, you can isolate and fix 65-75% of transactional problems within the first call.

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Supported devices

teller machine (ATM)
teller safe
Payment and info
gas stations
Certificate Certificate ISO-20000 ISO-27001 Certificate
Quick and easy deployment
Quick and easy deployment

Comply with strict regulations

24/7 Global Customer Support
24/7 Global Customer Support

Why us

BS/2’s specialized services allow our clients to use best practices and state-of-the-art solutions in their business.

The following are the main benefits of working with BS/2.

  • Minimizing the administrative and operational costs associated with self-service channel and equipment provisioning.
  • No training or certification costs for technicians.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership of the infrastructure.
  • Increase in key operational metrics for the self-service channel.
  • Transparency and predictability of costs and investments over the long term.
Why us

ATM Managed Services FAQs

What is the purpose of an ATM management system?

An ATM control system is needed to automate the operation of devices, smoothly dispense money to customers, read bank cards and monitor them 24/7.

What is an ATM monitoring system?

An ATM management system is the software integrated into the device, which is responsible for all processes of an ATM’s operation: disbursement of funds, reading of bank cards, monitoring, displaying of requested information, etc.

How can ATM services be improved?

You can improve ATM management by integrating additional features: detailed technical monitoring, remote device management, automated incident response, proactive incident response and others.

Why do we need an ATM management system?

The ATM management system increases ATM functionality, improves security and optimizes monitoring costs.

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BS/2 software suite

BS/2 customers are financial institutions, retailers, service providers and other agencies that seek to optimize business processes and improve service quality. Below we will tell about BS/2 software products.
ATMeye.iQ is the comprehensive software designed for video surveillance of ATMs, electronic cashiers, terminals, and other equipment. The solution is used to monitor incidents, facilitate the resolution of disputed situations, and provide protection against criminal actions.
Cash Management.iQ is the software product that solves the problem of optimal cash distribution for cash acceptance and disbursement points. The product consists of 5 modules and is used by various commercial and state structures that face the task of forming an efficient technological environment for cash circulation organization.
FCX.iQ is a software solution that provides a currency exchange function on ATMs. The product allows to exchange currencies of different types on ATMs with a recirculation function, as well as to receive and dispense cash.
This software platform is designed to automate service processes for various types of equipment. The solution allows you to get full control over the service process, from the receipt of a service request to invoicing for the work performed.
This platform makes it possible to turn a separate terminal into an automated payment point. The software solution meets the requirements of the PA-DSS payment application security standard, supports ISO8583 and NDC/DDC protocols.
TransLink.iQ is the system for POS-terminals network management and transaction routing. The software solution provides a wide range of opportunities to optimize work processes of companies that deploy and support acquiring equipment networks.
This hardware and software system is designed for banking, payment, insurance and other operations. VTM.iQ includes a self-service device with advanced functionality, an electronic cashier with cash recycling function, and specialized software.
This product provides secure data exchange between self-service devices, the operator's workstation and the server. Remote File Management provides up-to-date data archiving and remote updates.
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Deployed in over 80 countries, ATMeye.iQNG is not only a unique and reliable solution but also an affordable one.

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