Security for parcel lockers

The keyless locker market is expected to exceed $700M by 2022, its state of security though, is still in its infancy. However postal related crimes around the world are only increasing. Criminals are always looking for new devices to exploit and unattended package lockers are a great target. These devices are just as, if not more, vulnerable than other self-service terminals.

In 2018 in the US alone Postal Police Officers responded to 841 incidents of violent crimes, making a total of 321 arrests.

The most severe negative contact bank clients experience is the perceived sluggishness of Support Departments. Fraudulent transactions, stolen cards or other ATM disputes are problems that require swift and professional response. However usually this is not the case, disputes take days or even weeks to resolve.

The top 10 banks in the US have anywhere from 10 to 20 thousand ATMs, each requiring constant attention and monitoring. Traditionally, simple DVR methods of monitoring were employed, but they only helped to compose the events of the crime post factum. To actively identify an ongoing threat, operators at a bank would have to manually monitor hundreds of screens. Forth comes ATMeye.iQ, a software solution to unify and proactively analyze video streams of entire ATM fleets.