The most severe negative contact bank clients experience is the perceived sluggishness of Support Departments. Fraudulent transactions, stolen cards or other ATM disputes are problems that require swift and professional response. However usually this is not the case, disputes take days or even weeks to resolve.

Operation feedback and data processing is an essential element of cyber security in banking. As ATM monitoring becomes more available, most automated teller machine deployers still struggle with data management.

The top 10 banks in the US have anywhere from 10 to 20 thousand ATMs, each requiring constant attention and monitoring. Traditionally, simple DVR methods of monitoring were employed, but they only helped to compose the events of the crime post factum. To actively identify an ongoing threat, operators at a bank would have to manually monitor hundreds of screens. Forth comes ATMeye.iQ, a software solution to unify and proactively analyze video streams of entire ATM fleets.

Skimming is the most common type of ATM crime. Being the easiest one to implement, it is a major threat to ATM security, with bank clients being the main victim. Most banks struggle to even detect skimming, fortunately, BS/2 provides a proactive solution to prevent it.